Rich, Thin, and Happy


What I’d prefer to be over poor, fat, and miserable. (Not that I’ll begrudge anyone who desires to be those things.)

I need more

Brink Lindsey:

I regularly see brilliant intellectuals and highly knowledgeable experts on both sides of the aisle whose contributions to our understanding of how the world works are compromised by tribal partisan loyalties and emotional commitments to semi-coherent ideological narratives.

I need more here.  Can’t we simultaneously benefit from the (very) occasional insights of the Krugmans and the Limbaughs of the world without taking the vast majority of what say seriously?  Or without wasting time reading their straw man arguments, leaving their (again, very occasional) contributions to rise to the rarified air we inhabit, despite the weight of the pundit’s partisan baggage?  These contributions may be less likely to reach us given how comical most of the contributors’ thoughts are, but that’s their problem, not ours.


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